“The fabulous  Melbourne based jazz band “Sweet Ade” came to the tiny  Central Victorian Goldfield’s town of Tarnagulla  last Saturday afternoon.   The local townspeople were delighted to see the hall being utilized again and  resounding with toe-tapping , lively music.  It was such a fun and bright concert that appealed to all ages. Everyone was so grateful to the band for coming such a long distance.  It was particularly delightful to see the young children dancing along with the older audience.  Many of these children hadn’t had an opportunity to see all these instruments and enjoy the experience of live music.   Thanks Sweet Ade.  You were great.” Rachel Buchanan, Dunolly Theatre Company (May, 2018).

“In one word – stupendous! They came in, they played, they jazzed the room perfectly to the theme of our night and we danced! Our theme was a Mad Catters Winter Soiree (a take on Alice in Wonderland but for a cat rescue group) and so we were looking for something a little different. Quirky, classy, clean and loads of fun, I would thoroughly recommend Sweet Ade Jazz. The music really made the evening and every one was seen bopping a long! We would definitely book them again”. Natasha Reus, Cheltenham Cat Rescue (2016).

“The first time we heard Sweet Ade was at an outdoor lunch function for over 200 and then they played at our mid winter party of about 80. They were able to play for each event with great connection. At the evening dinner, it was always possible to have an easy conversation. It was also exciting on the dance floor. Quite an achievement. In the all evening performance they covered a spectrum of pieces from jazz, classic dance, traditional to modern with some pop and oldies thrown in for good measure. Just.suited our family gathering of 7 to 80 year olds.There was so much support for them amongst our friends, that they have hired them for a community function. The old and the young enthralled with the Teddy Bears Picnic”. Harry Watson, client for 50th wedding anniversary celebration at Potter’s Cottage Warrandyte (June, 2015).

“Last November the Eltham Rural Group held its Annual Jazz Day in a member’s beautiful garden. We were lucky enough to have Sweet Ade as our band. It’s hard to explain the impact Marion and her musicians had. From the very first note the ERG knew it was going to be a successful day. Marion’s choice of music was superb. The energy and passion shown by each musician invigorated every member and their guests. Foot tapping became dancing. Humming to favourite tunes became singing. Later the audience quietened and just enjoyed listening to the music. Thank you Marion et al. We certainly recommend you to anyone who wishes to have a different jazz experience”. Judith Paynter, President, Eltham Rural Group Inc. (January, 2015).

“The talent and presentation of Sweet Ade will stir, please and amaze ALL Audiences. Their enthusiasm is infectious. Don’t miss any opportunity to see and hear them”. Dr Jack Morris – convenor of entertainment for many Melbourne clubs, associations and senior citizen groups (December, 2014).

“We loved your show last night…If only there was a heaven, Ade would be up there approving”. Nigel Buesst, film maker; director ‘Talking With Ade’ and ‘Jazz scrapbook : Melbourne 1935-1955’ (Open Studio, July 2014).

“We had a very enjoyable evening…The musicians were very talented and they covered an amazing number of styles in a light-hearted and joyful way. It was an education for me to see that a jazz solo on recorder could be so impressive!” Gillian Jones, music promoter for Japanese musicians and leader of small group tours to Japan (Open Studio, July 2013).

“You understand the groove and I salute you for that. There is a reason why too few people play Ade’s music, it’s hard to play and get right. You got it right.” Ken Richards, banjo player (April, 2013).

“Just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed yesterday’s performance at Phillip Island. It was absolutely outstanding. I saw the best recorder player since Ade Monsbourgh.and the best washboard player I have ever seen… seriously I cannot recall enjoying a live performance more than I did yesterday, I will always remember it… I believe the group has never recorded, what a waste. Talent like that must be preserved for future generations.” Roger Clark, Phillip Island Jazz Club (April, 2013).