We’re available for a wide range of events and settings 

  • weddings
  • corporate events
  • functions
  • parties
  • concert style shows 
  • festivals
  • community events
  • aged care facilities
  • wineries
  • restaurants
  • indoor and outdoor venues
  • all age groups from children to mature age adults
  • house concerts

We tailor our repertoire for the occasion. You’re welcome to choose songs and help us create a unique, customised event. 

  • jazz standards
  • early Australian jazz
  • well-known Australian tunes
  • ballads
  • klezmer
  • Latin
  • diverse popular tunes
  • a wide range of interesting, surprising and unexpected tunes
  • novelty tunes
  • special requests
  • check out our tunes page for a few examples http://sweetade.com.au/what-we-play/

We vary our style and atmosphere depending on your specific needs.

  • Laid back semi-acoustic background music to create a relaxed ambience
  • Music to create a lively, happy, upbeat atmosphere
  • Music that’s not too loud to drown out conversations
  • Interesting tunes to listen to
  • Music to get all age groups up onto the dance floor
  • Tunes with special appeal for children 
  • Singalongs
  • Special requests

We’re an entertaining band that appeals, not only to those with a specific jazz interest, but also to people not necessarily familiar with jazz who want a band that appeals to many age groups and tastes.

Check out our testimonials http://sweetade.com.au/testimonials/  

Call Marion on 0407342882 to discuss your event and to obtain an obligation free quote. Email us at  http://info@sweetade.com.au