Marion Lustig

Marion Lustig leads Sweet Ade in which she plays an array of recorders. She’s loved recorders from an early age and is thrilled to have created the opportunity to play them in an unusual setting. She relishes having such fun with her talented and congenial musical colleagues.

Marion has played music all her life. As a child, she trained as a classical pianist with Jascha Spivakovsky.  Over the years, she has sung from the classical leider and art song repertoire and in choirs such as the Melbourne Chorale and the Astra Choir.  As well as jazz recorder, she enjoys playing classical recorder, both solo and in recorder consorts.  She has played jazz piano with such bands as Freshwaterjazz, the Frilly Knickers Jazz Band and the Dandenong Ranges Hot Jazz Orchestra.

She is indebted to her recorder teacher Ruth Wilkinson and to recorder maker Joanne Saunders.


Janet Arnt

Janet Arndt has an enormous repertoire of jazz tunes which she sings with infectious enthusiasm, energy and an earthy style. Janet drew inspiration from the very active trad jazz scene in Melbourne starting in the early 1960s. She keeps that tradition alive in her own bands, the Janet Arndt Quintet and the Elster Vista Jazz band, and has enjoyed many other opportunities to sing over the last 25 years.


Charley Farley

Charley (Chris) Farley is an authority on the banjo which he has played since he was a teenager. He plays with flair and creativity. He’s proud of his beautifully decorated banjo which he made himself. Charley also loves singing tunes with tongue in cheek lyrics. Charley has played with many well-known bands, including the New Harlem Jazz Band, LaVida, the Nick Polites Jazz Band, the Poppa Cass Dixielanders, the Creole Bells, the Cotton Club Orchestra, the Cairo Club Orchestra, Radio Days, the Maple Leaf Jazz Band and the New Melbourne Jazz Band.


Joe Kenyon

Joe Kenyon’s sousaphone looks great and provides the solid bass that underpins Sweet Ade’s sound. Joe says that his greatest claim to fame is having played an 8 bar solo on trombone for Queen Elisabeth II in the Victorian Public Service Orchestra. For many years Joe amused audiences on the tea chest bass, but graduated to sousaphone with encouragement from well-known trad musicians including Ade Monsbourgh, and especially from his mentor Ray Oliphant, in whose band the Red Hot Jigglers he played for many years.


Peter Mason

Peter “Magic” Mason plays an array of instruments: clarinet, soprano, alto, tenor and baritone saxophones and ukulele. He ranges from enthusiastic, joyful swing to heart-rending ballads, and hilarious vocals. Peter has played in a variety of genres in many bands ranging from small ensembles to concert bands and orchestras, including the swing band Radio Days. He currently plays with the Monash Concert Band and Funk Soul Brother.


Richard Opat

Richard Opat has been playing the drums ever since falling in love with them as a boy. In Sweet Ade he also puts thimbles on his fingers and has serious fun with the humble washboard. Richard is a sought-after player in the Melbourne jazz scene. He has played in some of Melbourne’s best-known jazz bands, including the New Harlem Jazz Band, Radio Days, the Golden City Jazz Band, the Creole Bells and the New Melbourne Jazz Band. Richard has made numerous recordings, television and concert appearances and overseas tours.


Lisette Payet

Lisette Payet has been in the music industry all her life. In Sweet Ade she lets her hair down on piano, contributes vocals with unfailing swing and musicality, and adds piano accordion and ukulele to the band’s array of sounds. Starting in childhood with regular television appearances as a singer and dancer, her wide experience includes country, pop and cover bands and many residencies in five star hotel piano bars as a solo jazz pianist and vocalist, as well as regular jazz engagements with other musicians. She particularly loves singing in French. Well-known musicians she has played with include guitarist Doug De Vries and saxophonist Wilbur Wilde.